Here's the place where you can find old commercial rate cards, station licenses, coverage maps, correspondence, AND the 'best of the rest' of the photos supplied for this project by listeners, former employees, and especially Harwell V. "Sandy" Shepard II, son of longtime KDNT owner Harwell Shepard.

KDNT's transmitter and studio property on University Drive near Interstate 35 during the 1950s and early 1960s,
as it looked in 2007.  The bottom right photo shows the retail center that covers most of the property as of 2010

A KDNT newsletter from March, 1945

Say it isn't so!  Alcohol ads during religious services?

Harwell Shepard was president of the Denton Centennial Commission in the late 1950s.
This was one of their big events that celebrated Denton's 100 years of existence

And, as part of the Denton Centennial celebration, Harwell's wife Mary
and others dressed up in period-piece dresses for one of the events.
This photo was taken April 21, 1957.  The Shepards divorced the following year

KDNT's transmitter building, next to the Ross Street studios from 1938-51

KDNT's temporary home during testing, 1937-38

Harwell Shepard worked for the Daily News in Anadarko, OK while in college at OU

An unidentified KDNT remote broadcast

Daytime coverage map for AM

Nighttime coverage (directional) for AM

Early commercial rate card (front and back)

Texas Senate Resolution honoring KDNT owner Harwell Shepard

AM antenna specifications dated 1972

Broadcast license for alternate transmitter dated 1978

Modification of license dated 1981.  Note "Proposed studio location" at the Teasley Lane property,
legally announcing the station's relocation from Radio Center in downtown Denton

Polly Plummer, KDNT secretary

Sandy Shepard races his Brabham BT-29 at the Monterrey, Mexico, Gran Prix in December, 1970

Let the suds flow over the airwaves!  KDNT is given the green light
for advertising beer, despite Denton being a dry area

PART 1 - 1938-46
PART 2 - 1947-63
PART 3 - 1964-71
PART 4 - 1972-83
PART 5 - 1984-93
PART 6 - 1994 and beyond

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