1984-2023 Mike Shannon        
  Anyone missing? Email with updates/corrections: mike@dfwretroplex.com    
Doug Adams News, evening DJ, sports, 1971-72 Later ND @ KXAS-TV/FW; leads Nat'l Repertory Orch in CO    
Tim Akers Program director, 1987 Unknown    
Stephen Albrecht 1969-72 Died 3/9/1972 at age 24    
Bob Allen DJ, 1970s Unknown (same as Bob Allen [KXOL, KJIM-1500]?)    
Bobby Allen Left in 1993 Unknown    
Hank Allen News, 1942-43 Later radio ad director at BBDO Advertising Agency    
Bobby Allison Sports, early 1990s Unknown    
Chris Anderson aka Dave Christian Unknown Unknown    
D. J. Anderson Left in 1993 Unknown    
Doug Anderson Unknown Unknown    
Earl Armstrong Late 1970s KNTU/Denton; later at KCLE/Cleburne, now with FEMA    
Chris Bailey (St. John) (Kirkpatrick) Jock, early 1970s Unknown    
Bob Baker News staff, c. 1974 Unknown    
Brent Baker Unknown At KYQX-FM, Weatherford    
Becky Balew Traffic department, late 1970s Married to Harley Balew    
Harley Balew FM afternoon DJ, late 1970s Part-owner of KRVL, Kerrville, TX    
LaCola Hanks Barlow Host, "Facts About the South" Died 11/14/2005 at age 93    
Frank Barrow Announcer, 1938-39 Later Denton mayor; died 6/15/2006 at age 83    
Norma Jean Bartholomew AM morning show co-host, late 70s Unknown    
Bron Beal Sports, early 1990s Unknown    
"Boppin'" Bob Berry Unknown Unknown    
Charlie Beard DJ, 1954 Unknown    
Jeffery Bennett FM program director, 1985+ In Kansas City, MO    
Jim Boso (James H. Boso, Jr) Station manager, late-1970s EVP of sales/marketing for USA Mobility Inc.    
Bob Bostian Management, started 1973 Retired to Florida, turned 95 in 3/2020    
Cathy Bradshaw (Williams) 1980 Unknown    
Mickey Briggs News director, 1982 News anchor, WBAP-AM in DFW    
Dave Buell DJ, mid 1970s Producer, sound engineer    
Pete Burrows Husband of Virgie; bandleader Songwriter, formed trio, killed on 1/22/1994    
Virgie Meeker Burrows Secretary, 1960s Was married to Pete Burrows (met at station,) now retired, still living in Denton    
Rick Burt aka Rick Burton DJ, 1977-78 Later with KTXQ-"Q102" in DFW and ABC Radio Networks    
Jason Butler 12/1988-6/1994 Owner of ArgoShots, a professional photography company    
Howard Campbell Announcer, c. 1942 Unknown    
Russ Campbell News dir, Late-1970s-12/24/1980 Retired radio-TV instructor at UNT    
Scott Causey (aka Dave Scott, Cliff Scott) DJ/personality, 10/1967 - 6/1975 Owned Dallas Media Center; died 2/11/2019 at age 68    
Herman Cecil Sports, 1941 Unknown    
Candy Chestnutt News, early 1970s Unknown    
Dan Clark Pre-1960 Last at KALN-Iola, KS; died 1971    
Donald W. Clark Late 1940s Later an Episcopal priest    
Warren Clary Headed C&W band on station Died 5/17/2004 at age 83    
Billy G. Coleman Early 1940s Unknown    
Dave Cooley aka Cody Burk DJ, late 1970s Later in DFW radio at KTKS, KEGL and KIXK    
Joe Pat Cranshaw Host, "Dramalogues," began 1941 Unknown    
Larry Crippen aka Larry Lee/Johnny Flash Early 1970s News Director, KSAM-FM & 104.9 "The Hits" in Huntsville, TX    
Dean Alan Crone "Alan Crone Talk Show," 1991-93 Staff meteorologist, KOTV-Tulsa    
Tim Crouch Early 1980s Living in Denton    
Vivian Badillo Cullipher News and board op, 1991-93 Publications Specialist for State of Texas    
Mel Cummings 1960 Unknown    
Jeff Cunningham News, to 8/16/1977 Chiropractor based in Kyle, Texas    
Roger Daniel News director, 12/1973-1975 Writer    
Bruce Davis 1955 Unknown    
Ted Davis Sports, mid-1970s KVIL, then play-by-play for NBA's Milwaukee Bucks    
B. H. Dennison Chief engineer, 1939-40 Unknown    
Harry Dierks PD, 1976-77 Owner, Dierks Group Advertising, Colorado Springs    
Joe Dodd Host, "The Dodd Files," 1991-93 Unknown    
Bob Douglas Engineer, 1939 Unknown    
George Dunham NTSU/UNT sports, 1984-88 Personality, KTCK "The Ticket"-Dallas    
Bob Dunn c. 1973 Unknown    
Brule Eagan 1988-90 Living in McAllen, TX    
Mike Ehrle aka Mike Ward DJ, 1964-73 Newscaster, KGRO/KOMX-Pampa, TX    
Roger Emrich Sports director, 6/1985-6/1989 Sports anchor, KRLD-AM & Vokal Media/DFW; d. 4/27/2019 (62)    
Sid Erwin aka Sid King Headed "Western Melody Makers" Heads "Sid King & the 5 Strings" & a Richardson TX barber    
Eddie Evans 1952-53 Unknown    
Mike Ewerz DJ, mid 1970s Unknown    
Mark Followill 1989-91 Play-by-play for NBA's Dallas Mavericks    
Joe Frausto Hosted live show "Latin Rhythms" Unknown    
Matt Freeman 1991 Unknown    
Joe Fuchs aka Jay Weaver aka Con West 9/30/1965-12/24/1965 Home builder/designer in Hurst, TX; died 9/29/2019 at age 77    
Dave Garland Sales, summer 1975 Owner, Dave Garland Media Brokerage, Houston, TX    
Brian Gann Program director, 1980s PD/ND, KFAQ-AM Tulsa, OK    
Mike Gentry DJ, 1970s Unknown    
Bill George Pre-1960 Unknown    
Galen O. Gilbert Owner, 11/17/1984-12/1/1993 Owns radio stations in Missouri    
Jess Gilbert Chief engineer, 1993; son of Galen Unknown    
John Gilbert Announcer, prior to 1948 To KENT-AM/Shreveport in 1948    
George Gimarc Host, "Jukebox Sat. Night," 1977+ Radio format innovator, later with KDGE    
Sharon Golihar aka Sharon Wilson DJ, 1970s "Sharon Wilson" at KEGL & KRQX-DFW; died 10/7/2017 (63)    
Johnny Gonzales Unknown Later was president/GM of KTIA-1540 in Fort Worth    
Katie Sue Good 1940s Unknown    
Floyd Graham c. 1942 Concurrently band dir., "Sat Night Stage Show"; d. 8/18/1974 (71)    
Fred Graham Sportscaster Later owned KWDC/KJZY; died 3/1/2009    
Dennis Grandcolas General manager, c. 1986-93 At NBC-Universal in Dallas    
Frank Haley aka Con West DJ, 1960-61 Retired; most recently in Albuquerque NM radio    
Buford Harrell Newscaster and sales, 1951-85 Died 7/15/1985 at age 76    
Vernon Hartman DJ, sports play x play, 1971-74 Opera singer; owns impresarioproductions.com    
Sheryl Hassett FM afternoons, late 1980s Commercial work in North Texas    
Dusty Hendrix Unknown Unknown    
Dr. Dutch Hoggatt aka Robert James News dir, afternoon drive DJ, 77-78 Communications professor at Harding University, Searcy AR    
G. C. Hollowwa Chief engineer, 1941-42 Retired to Albuquerque; died 2/20/2018 at age 97    
Josh Holstead DJ, 1985 (at 15 yrs old) Top country radio personality based in Houston TX    
Brooks Holt News ed. & play-by-play, 1953-62 Later city secretary for Denton; married to Donnie; died 2/18/1994 at age 81    
Donnie Holt (Mrs.) Radio show hostess, 1950s Teacher/counselor in Denton, died 1/12/2010 at age 92    
Bill B. Honeycutt Engineer, 1938 Later CE at KRLD-AM/TV    
Dave Hunt Announcer, early 1950s Retired in Flower Mound, TX    
Aubrey Jackson Sales, late 1960s Unknown    
Hal Jackson Sales Unknown    
Irv Jackson aka Jack Bishop Public affairs, 1990s Later with Rational Radio in Dallas    
Eloise Johnson Women's issues, c. 1943 Unknown    
Jim Johnson News, 1987-90 Owns Lyric Talent in Fort Worth, TX    
Fritz Kimbrell Announcer, c. 1942 Unknown    
Doyle King DJ, 4/1978-12/30/1980 Later traffic reporter for KTCK and others in DFW/Houston    
Kit King Producer, 1993 Unknown    
Stan King Unknown Unknown    
Ken McClure aka Ken Knox DJ, late- 940s Later with KLIF & KMEZ; died 8/20/1988 at age 63    
Grant Koeller DJ, 5/1983-12/1983 Staff Sargeant, USAF, based in Tokyo    
George Krieger 2/1983-12/1984 In Salinas, CA    
Kim Landrum Unknown Unknown    
Tom Light DJ, 1941-44 Owned Tom Light Chev in Bryan TX; d. 10/2/2004 at age 80    
Jeff Lyons Late 1970s Unknown    
Kathi Machi Board operator, 1980s Unknown    
Bill Mack (Bill Smith) DJ, 3/1986-6/1987 "Midnight Cowboy" on WBAP; later with SiriusXM; died 7/31/2020    
Mike Magruder 1960s Later with KERA-FM in Dallas    
Michael Main Early 1980s Retired Managing Ed., WOAI-AM, San Antonio (began 1985)    
Carl Martin Host, "Denton Cty Party Line" 1991-93 Died 11/14/1994 at age 65    
Colonel Mason Talk show personality Voiceover talent, hosts synd "Promise of Tomorrow"    
Prince Mayne Unknown Personality with Dial Global Radio Network    
Mac McClennahan aka Matt Reese DJ, 1976 At KITY-FM/KOTY-FM Llano/Mason, Texas    
Jerry McNatt DJ, pre-1960 Part of McNatt family of car dealerships in TX    
Jim McShann Sales, 1971 Unknown    
Bill Mercer Sports, 1959-76; 1984-93 Also w/KVIL & KRLD-TV, recently as PxP for Frisco baseball    
Bruce Michaels Operations manager, 1990-93 Unknown    
John Michaels DJ, 1970s Unknown (same as Johnny Michaels [KNUS/KLUV]?)    
Dean Minnick General manager, left in 1993 Mgmt at Monarch Broadcasting, KWHW-Altus, OK    
Dave Mitchell 8/22/1968 - 2/13/1969 Was news director, KAAM-AM; now pastor in Little Elm, TX    
Don Moore 1976-77 Later with KMGC-Dallas; now pastor in Hico, TX    
Lance Morrison 1969-72 Retired public educator after 35-year career    
Bill Moyers aka Marshall Bill Moyers News, c. 1954 Was press sec'y for LBJ; later with CBS, NBC and PBS    
Julie Mullins 1980s Works for City of Denton    
Mickey Murphy Late 1930s Died 3/1982 at age 63    
Hal Murray Unknown Unknown    
Willie Nelson Personality and sales, 1954 Famous country singer    
Jim "Shootin'" Newton DJ, 3/1986 -6/1987 Long career on Ft Worth radio/TV; died 9/20/2004 at age 76    
George Nolen DJ, mid-1940s "Capt Swabby" later on KTVT-Ft Worth; died 10/3/2010 at age 81    
Kevin Nunnally aka Kevin McCormick FM morning DJ, late 1970s Unknown    
Dale Olson 1984-93; was OM 1988-93 Dept Chair at Brown College, Minnesota    
Chris Ontego aka Chris Wayne Overnight DJ, 1980-81 Unknown    
Bill Orton Evenings, hosted "Night Notes" to 1969 In Houston, TX    
James (Jim) Palmer Unknown Last at WKY, Oklahoma City    
Paul Perdue News, board op/UNT football, early 1990s Last at WFAA-TV, Dallas    
Ellise Pierce 1980s Writer & the "Cowgirl Chef," based in Paris, France    
Richard Pitzinger DJ, 1950s Unknown    
Polly Plummer Secretary, pre-1960 Died 1/13/1989 at age 78    
Bob Powell (Cap'n Bob) Early 1990s Retired from Denton Cty Sheriff's Dept; living in Galveston TX    
Sheryl Powers DJ (FM side) and sales rep, 1984-87 Producer/coach for SuchAVoice.com    
Jo Elizabeth Price Program director, c. 1944 Unknown    
Ross Ramsey Late-1970s Later newsman at KBOX/Dallas, now editor of "Texas Weekly"    
Earle Rast GM, early-1970s Later at KFDA-TV/Amarillo; died 5/2/2001 at age 77    
David Ratliff Announcer, prior to 1946 Started own station in Stamford, TX in 1946; died 3/21/1995 at age 82    
Pat Reeder DJ; AM's w/Geo Gimarc; 1978-80 Owns comedy writing service for radio stations    
Scott Reese aka Charlie Tuna DJ, 1974-76 Programmer for ABC Radio in Dallas    
Ken Rench Mornings, 1959-68; stayed thru '71~ Died 9/14/1983 at age 68    
Michael Rey 5/1983-1984 Last was news anchor at KDAF-TV/DFW, TX    
Steve Rhodes aka Dusty Rhodes Program director, c. 1982 Unknown    
Walter Richardson Newscaster, announcer, c. 1951 Unknown    
Mike Robinson 1981-82 Unknown    
Sally Rutherford aka Sally Diamond Unknown Later DJ for KTXQ-"Q102" in DFW    
Kenny Sargent Unknown Bandleader, died 12/20/1969 at age 63    
Sam Sauls 1976-78 Radio-TV instructor at UNT    
Ellen Sawko Board operator, left 1993 Later with KXII-TV in Sherman    
Juanita Scalf Secretary, early 1970s Unknown    
Anne Schulze Women's show host, 1949-54 Died 4/15/1992 at age 90    
John Scott 1986-87 on FM side News anchor, WBAP-AM/DFW, last with Salem radio/Irving TX    
Brad Sham NTSU football, 1974-75 Play-by-play announcer, Dallas Cowboys Radio Network    
Andy Shane Unknown NY radio icon; later A&R for Atlantic Records    
Ron Shanklin aka "Shank" Announcer, NTSU football Footballer at NTSU & NFL (Steelers,) died 4/17/2003 at age 55    
Mike Shannon Board op, news, 1988 Was traffic anchor, WBAP-AM & WFAA-TV, Dallas    
Lorie Sheffield News director, 1977-78 Unknown    
Harwell Shepard Owner, SM & personality, 1938-72 Died 2/8/1989 at age 80    
Mary "Red" Shepard Bookkeeper, 1938-46 1st wife of Harwell Shepard; died 1971    
Sandy Shepard aka Clyde Sebastian/James Lewis Engineer and DJ, 8/1964-2/1971 Retired race car driver; living in Denton, TX    
Joe Short General manager, 1980s Was Clearance Manager, ABC Radio Networks, Dallas    
Laura Skinner DJ, Sunday overnights 1972-74 Living in North Texas area    
George Slocum Engineer, c. 1956 Later with KPCN-AM, Grand Prairie    
Mrs. George Slocum Engineer, announcer, c. 1956 Unknown    
Mary Grace Smith Program director, 1940-44 Unknown    
Mark Snow DJ, AM side, mid 1970s Unknown    
Scott Sommer Program director, 1980s Unknown    
Terry Starnes aka Terry Wayne DJ, 1968-73 Now Asst Dir of Physical Plant at Univ of Central Arkansas    
Tim Sullivan 1/1988-2/1988 To Dallas radio, now ND at KURV-710AM/McAllen, TX    
Billy Roy Switzer Entertainer Popular one-man band at State Fair in Dallas    
Bob Syler Announcer, c. 1941 Unknown    
Bernie Tamayo Unknown Was a KXAS-TV Fort Worth news anchor, died 4/2/2015 at age 74    
Dave Thomas Unknown Unknown    
Hal Thompson General sales mgr, began 4/1972 Also with WFAA-AM and KFJZ-AM; died 7/15/1983 at age 74    
Robert Tindel Unknown Late 1970s    
Gary Jack Vance (Gary Coffelt) On-air, 1980s Later in DFW radio; last with DirecTV    
Bill Van Ness Sports, 1980s Play-by-play announcer for Okla State Univ sports    
Stuart M. Volk Late 1940s Unknown    
Andy Waldrop aka Chip Taylor Co-host, "Jukebox Sat Nite", 1977+ Operations for traffic reporting service, Houston    
Nick Walker News, to 1977 Meteorologist/anchor at The Weather Channel since 1999    
Philip Walker Host, "Today We Live," 1940s Unknown    
Jack Wallace Original program director, 1938-40 Unknown    
Casey Walston Early 1980s Living in Denton    
John Walton 1980 at KDNT-94.5 Half of Walton & Johnson radio duo; died 7/1/2019 at age 67    
Jay Ward News director, 1974 Retired from KBOX/KMEZ-Dallas;worked at WRR, KFJZ, WFAA    
Ray Weathers 1960s Died 1/13/2004 at age 68    
Larry Weinstein c. 1973 Unknown    
Betty Whatley 1994-99 Collections (wife of Hal); d. 2/11/2012 at age 78    
Hal Whatley aka Country Cuz Chief engineer, 8/1960-12/1993 Continued into KICI until 1/1999; died 10/25/2000 at age 73    
Clark Wheeler GM; son of owner Mel Wheeler Living in Selma, AL    
Mel Wheeler Owner, 1976-11/17/1984 Owned radio stations in VA; died 6/9/1997 at age 81    
Leonard Wheeler Son of owner Mel Wheeler Pres of Mel Wheeler Inc; took over company after Mel's death    
Steve Wheeler Son of owner Mel Wheeler Living in Carterville, IL    
Vinny Ryan Wheeler (Mrs.) Treasurer; wife of owner Mel Wheeler Died 12/14/1997 at age 74    
Davie Lee White aka Davie Lee DJ and bandleader, 1950-52 Long career at WEW, St. Louis; died 9/7/2014 at age 80    
Sam Whitmire PD, morning show to 12/24/1980 PD with KFWR-95.9FM "The Ranch" in Fort Worth    
Ray Whitworth Screener, "Jukebox Sat Nite", 1970s Retired; last was teaching high school in Arlington, TX    
John Edward Williams aka Jon Williams Announcer, sales, 1941-42 Later a noted author and college professor; died 3/3/1994 at age 71    
Johnny Williams Sports, 1977 Unknown    
Don Wilson Announcer, c. 1944-47 Later an Abilene attorney; deceased    
Farris Wilson Bandleader, 1938 Died 6/6/1986 at age 72 in Denton    
Patrick Woods DJ, 1963 Living in Lugano, Switzerland    
Lee Woodward aka Woody Woodward Personality, 1954-55 Long career in Tulsa OK television; died 6/19/2017 (85)    
Dave Wright Unknown Unknown