2019:  "Master of Dark Shadows," documentary, as himself; direct-to-digital video; released 4/16/2019

2016:  "Through the Decades," CBS's Decades TV Network documentary, archival footage, as Peter Bradford in "Dark Shadows" from March 29, 1968; featured in segment commemorating the 50th anniversary of the premiere of "Dark Shadows," 6/27/2016


2011:  "Dark Shadows:  The Blind Painter" and "Dark Shadows:  The Crimson Pearl," audio recordings of newly-produced scripts.  In "The Blind Painter" as Charles Delaware Tate (a reprisal of Roger's last "Dark Shadows" role,) recorded 12/16 & 19/2010; released 5/31/2011; in "The Crimson Pearl," 8/31/2011

Roger (right) with James Garner in the premiere of NBC's
"The Rockford Files" ("The Kirkoff Case" episode;) this clip was
shown during a feature about the show in PBS's new "Pioneers
of Television" series

2011:  "Pioneers of Television:  Crime Dramas," PBS special, archival footage, as Travis Buckman in "The Rockford Files" from September, 1974 (see entry under 1974, below,) 2/1/2011

(L) Anchor Bob Schieffer talks with Katie Couric about "You Are There;" background screens show Roger with co-star Fred Gwynne;
(C) A young Schieffer reports "live" from the Alamo; Roger is seen climbing the ladder to Bob's right; (R) Roger (as Travis) looks for war casualties

2006:  "CBS Evening News," CBS news program, archival footage, as Colonel William Travis in "You Are There:  Siege of the Alamo" from February, 1972 (see entry under 1972, below,) 8/31/2006

2004:  "Beyond the Pale:  A Look Back," TV documentary, as himself; televised in Ireland

2004:  "Dark Shadows:  Return to Collinwood," audio recording of a newly-produced script, as Ned Stuart.  This was done in conjunction with the 2003 "Dark Shadows" Festival, where 30 actors and crew members associated with the original show gathered in a New York studio to record a "where are the characters now" presentation

2000:  "Beyond the Pale," independent theatrical movie, lead role, as lovestruck Jeffrey; released 4/12/2000

1999:  "Mysteries and Scandals: Peter Duel," 'E!' cable network TV documentary series, as himself, 11/1/1999


1998:  "Tex Murphy:  Overseer," live-action interactive video adventure game, as the Law and Order Party's gubernatorial candidate Robert Knott, released 2/28/1998


1998:  "Night Man," syndicated TV series, guest star, as Dr. Bauman in "Double Vision" episode, 5/4/1998; series starred Earl Holliman and Matt McColm


1994:  "Beyond the Shadows," VHS/DVD release, as narrator and in archival footage.


1989:  "Matlock," NBC TV series, guest star, as religious leader Joshua Bradbury in "The Cult" episode, 5/2/1989; also guest starred Jack Dodson and Wallace Langham (pictured, who later starred in "The Unauthorized Story of 'Charlie's Angels,'" alongside a fake "Roger" and his wife "Jaclyn")

Publicity photo; Roger not pictured

1989:  "Chameleons" (aka "Strange Bedfellows" and "Best-Kept Secrets,") NBC-TV movie/pilot (not picked up as a series,) shown 12/29/1989; lead role, also starred Crystal Bernard ("Wings," pictured;) produced by Glen Larson of "Alias Smith and Jones" fame


1988:  "The Highwayman," syndicated TV series, guest star, as Chief Jim Townsend in "Warzone" episode, 4/29/1988; series starred Sam Jones; episode also guest starred Lara Parker (from "Dark Shadows") and Wayne Newton (pictured)


1984:  "The Act" (aka "Bless 'em All,") theatrical movie, lead role, as Deputy Police Chief Howard; filming completed in 1982, but not released until August, 1984; also starred Robert Ginty, Pat Hingle and Eddie Albert (Sr.)

1981:  "Conquest of the Earth" (aka "Galactica III,") TV movie packaged for individual station purchase in the US, but released theatrically in Europe and Australia in 7/1981; consisted of two merged episodes of "Galactica 1980" (see below)

Center:  Roger (right) with Wolfman Jack (left)

1980:  "Galactica 1980," ABC TV series, guest star, as Andromus in "The Night the Cylons Landed" and "So This is New York" episodes (also packaged together later as the theatrical movie "Conquest of the Earth" in Europe and Australia and later shown as a 1981 TV movie in the States [see above,]) 4/13 and 4/20/1980; directed by Glen Larson.

1979: "The Innocent and the Damned," NBC TV mini-series, 5/31 to 6/28/1979; repackaging of 1977 mini-series "Aspen" (see below)


1977:  "Wonder Woman," ABC TV series, guest star, as Jack Corbin in "The Man Who Made Volcanoes" episode, 11/18/1977; series starred Lynda Carter and also guest-starred Roddy McDowell (pictured center; and right, on the right)


1977:  "Aspen," NBC TV mini-series, lead role, as Maxfield Kendrick, 11/5 to 11/7/1977 (rerun as "The Innocent and the Damned," 5/31 to 6/28/1979;) also starred Sam Elliott, Michelle Phillips and Gene Barry


1977:  "Quincy, M.E.," NBC TV series, guest star, as Dr. Paul Taggart in "Visitors in Paradise" episode, 2/18/1977; series starred Jack Klugman (pictured)


1977:  "Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries," ABC TV series, guest star, as Sonny/Will in "The Mystery of the Haunted House" series premiere episode, 1/30/1977; series starred Parker Stevenson (pictured, left, on sofa,) Lisa Eilbacher (pictured, right, on sofa) and Shaun Cassidy


1977:  "Ruby," theatrical movie (aka "Blood Ruby,") lead role, as Dr. Paul Keller; also starred Piper Laurie (pictured, left; Laurie was fresh from her starring role in the 1976 horror classic "Carrie,") & Stuart Whitman (pictured, right;) released 6/23/1977.  Roger joined the cast of this Curtis Harrington-produced movie in 10/1976


1976:  "Flash and the Firecat," theatrical movie, lead role, as Firecat; also starred the late Tricia Sembera as Flash (pictured;) released 3/1976 in Japan, then 9/1976 in the US; filmed in 1975


1976:  "The Bionic Woman," ABC TV series, guest star, as Lieutenant Colonel Tom Hollaway in "Welcome Home, Jaime, Part 1" series premiere episode, 1/11/1976; series starred Lindsey Wagner (pictured)


1976: "Nashville Girl," theatrical movie (aka "Country Music Daughter," aka "New Girl in Town,") lead role, as Kelly; also starred Monica Gayle (pictured, left) and Glenn Corbett

1974:  "This is the West that Was," NBC TV movie/pilot (not picked up as a series,) narrator, 12/17/1974; also starred Ben Murphy (pictured, on right; Ben was Roger's co-star in "Alias Smith and Jones")


1974:  "The Rockford Files," NBC TV series, guest star, as Travis Buckman in "The Kirkoff Case" series premiere episode, 9/13/1974; series starred James Garner (pictured left and left-center;) also guest starred Julie Sommars (pictured left-center and right.)

1974:  "Killer Bees," ABC TV movie, lead role, as Dr. Helmut van Bohlen, 2/26/1974; also starred Gloria Swanson, Eddie Albert, Jr. and Kate Jackson.  Fimed in the Napa Valley in northern California during 1/1974

Top left:  Roger with Judy Carne and Geoffrey Deuel.  Top right:  Roger with guest star Pamela Bellwood.
Bottom left:  Roger with Geoffrey.  Bottom right:  Don Galloway, Roger, Raymond Burr and Geoffrey.

1974:  "Ironside," NBC TV series, guest star, as blind record promoter Willie Bonner in "Once More for Joey" episode, 1/17/1974; also guest starred Geoffrey Deuel (brother of "Alias Smith and Jones"s Peter Duel) and Judy Carne.  This trio of guest stars was significant (and bittersweet) in and of itself, as Peter Duel had starred with Judy Carne in ABC's "Love on a Rooftop," a role that had originally been turned down by Roger.  This episode was filmed exactly two years after Peter Duel's untimely death

1973:  "Faraday & Company," NBC TV series that was part of the "Wednesday Mystery Movie" rotation with "Madigan," "Tenafly" & "The Snoop Sisters," guest star, as Millgren in "Fire and Ice" episode, 12/12/1973; series starred Dan Dailey


1973:  "The New Adventures of Perry Mason" (aka "The New Perry Mason,") CBS TV series, guest star, as Larry Vaughn in "Case of the Murdered Murderer" episode, 10/28/1973; series starred Monte Markham (left, in center) and Sharon Acker (left, on left) also guest starred Sharon Farrell (right)

1973:  "McCloud," NBC TV series, guest star, as bank robber Virgil in "Butch Cassidy Rides Again" episode, 10/14/1973; also guest starred Linda Evans


1973:  "Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law," ABC TV series, guest star, as pilot Vince Engen in "Some People in a Park" episode, 2/21/1973; series starred Arthur Hill (left;) guest starred Brooke Bundy (right)


1973:  "A Little Bit Like Murder," ABC TV movie telecast as part of the late-night "ABC Wide World of Entertainment," lead role, as Jeff, 3/30/1973; also starred Sharon Gless (pictured with Roger in left-center photo) and Elizabeth Hartman

Photo credit:

1972:  "The Long Chase," TV movie packaged for individual station purchase, lead role, as Hannibal Heyes/Joshua Smith; consisted of three merged and edited 1972 episodes of "Alias Smith and Jones:"  'The Long Chase,' 'High Lonesome Country' and 'The Clementine Ingredient;' guest starred Buddy Ebsen


1972:  "Night Gallery," NBC TV series, guest star, as college professor George Beaumont in "You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Milliken" episode, 11/12/1972; also guest starred Ozzie Nelson (pictured) and wife Harriet

(L) Roger and Ben during "ASJ"s original run.  (R)  Roger and Ben, today

1972:  "Alias Smith and Jones," ABC TV series, regular, as Hannibal Heyes/Joshua Smith, 2/3/1972 to 1/13/1973.  Davis was brought in to fill the role when series star Peter Duel killed himself at the end of 1971.  Recently, Roger said, "The show had style and charm and wit, and it had grace.  A kind of grace that...has a sense of when to stop short and not be goofy...and a wonderful sense of humor without that yak-yak, ha-ha, laugh track, funny-sort-of-schtick humor.  I credit that to producer Roy Huggins."   Concerning the death of Peter Duel and that it was never dealt with on the show, Roger said, "It was just...nobody knew quite what to do or what to say.  And there were lots of discussions, but I wasn't privy to them.  But...I'm sure that it was all calculated, and there were decisions made, 'We shouldn't do that,' 'I don't think that's proper,' 'We just need to go on,' etc."  Co-star Ben Murphy said, "Just (Peter) shooting himself cast a pall on the show...not only the fact that he wasn't there."  Roger publicly acknowledged viewers' animosity over Peter's role being recast in a 1972 interview:  "Somebody had to take the part," he said.  "I think I probably have some guilt feelings attached to something good happening to me as the result of a friend' s death.  Anybody would feel that way.  I just wish it weren't necessary.  Pete was really my buddy."  "Alias" never made a ratings dent, fending off competition from the "Flip Wilson Show" when "Alias" was telecast Thursday nights, and against "All in the Family" and "Emergency!" when it was moved to Saturday nights.  The show was given its walking orders in early November, 1973, but stayed on the air three out of four weeks a month until signing off for good on January 13, 1973.  (The new David Carradine show, "Kung Fu," was given the fourth-week slot)

1972:  "The Bold Ones: The Lawyers," NBC TV series, guest star, as Jim Lewis in "The Long Morning After, Parts I and II" episodes, 1/9 and 1/16/72; also guest starred Pat Hingle

1971:  "Medical Center," CBS TV series, guest star, as Bob MacGill in "Idolmaker" episode, 10/13/1971; series starred Chad Everett; also guest starred Pamela Payton-Wright


1971:  "You Are There," CBS TV anthology series, as Colonel William Travis in "Siege of the Alamo" episode, 10/9/1971 (taped 6/21/1971;) also starred Fred Gwynne ("The Munsters", pictured left-center and right-center, on right) and CBS newsman Bob Schieffer

1971:  "Alias Smith and Jones," ABC TV series, narrator, 1/21/1971 to 1/27/1972; and guest starred as con artist Danny Bilson in "Smiler With a Gun" episode, 10/7/1971.   (Ralph Story assumed narration duties when Davis took over the Hannibal Heyes/Joshua Smith role in 1972; Story, who died in September, 2006, was a longtime Los Angeles TV news anchor at KNXT [now KCBS] and KABC)


1971:  "River of Gold," ABC TV movie/pilot (not picked up as a series,) lead role, as beach bum Marcus McAllister, 3/9/1971; also starred Dack Rambo (pictured, left and right,) Suzanne Pleshette (pictured, center) and Ray Milland


1971:  "Bonanza," NBC TV series, guest star, as cowboy Bert Yates in "Top Hand" episode, 1/24/1971; also guest starred Walter Barnes (pictured, right-center on right)

1971:  "Medical Center," CBS TV series, guest star, as Brad Carter in "Web of Darkness" episode, 1/13/1971; series starred Chad Everett; also guest starred Janet Margolin

1970:  "The Most Deadly Game," ABC TV series, guest star, as Tod Masters in "Little David" series premiere episode, 10/10/1970; produced by Aaron Spelling; series starred George Maharis, Ralph Bellamy and Yvette Mimieux (pictured left to right; female lead had originally been given to Inger Stevens [late of "The Farmer's Daughter,"] but she committed suicide in April, 1970, just before the series began filming)


1970:  "The Young Country," ABC TV movie/pilot (not picked up as a series,) lead role, as con man Stephen Foster Moody, 3/25/1970; also starred Peter Duel (pictured, left, on left,) Walter Brennan (pictured, right, on right,) Joan Hackett (pictured, left-center, on right) and Wally Cox.  Roger left "Dark Shadows" for this role, but the pilot didn't sell.  Some viewers have considered this to be the pilot for "Alias Smith and Jones," but it was not

1970:  "The Bold Ones: The Lawyers," NBC TV series, guest star, as Randy Burroughs in "Point of Honor" episode, 1/25/1970; also guest starred Veronica Cartwright

1970:  "House of Dark Shadows," theatrical movie, released 9/1970, lead role as Jeff Clark (reprisal of one of his "Dark Shadows" TV series roles;) pictured with Jonathan Frid (Barnabas Collins)

1969:  "Parachute to Paradise," theatrical movie, lead role, unreleased, but reportedly shown on ABC-TV in 1972.  Written by the late guitar designer Allan Gittler (a.k.a. Avraham Bar Rashi,) directed by Floyd L. Petersen, scored by Gil Evans, and also starred Natividad Abascal (pictured,) Astrid Aanning, Martin J. Kelley, Bret Morrison, and the Boston garage band, The Bagatelle.  "Parachute" was an avant-garde 'film fantasy' where Roger played the hero of a popular cigarette commercial campaign who happens to skydive.  It was filmed in the summer of 1968 (beginning June 3) during Roger's short leave of absence from "Dark Shadows" (his character, Peter Bradford, was identity-torn between reincarnation and amnesia, and left Collinwood briefly to find out who he was!)  ABC reportedly televised the movie in 1972, at the height of Roger's popularity on "Alias Smith and Jones."  Since "Parachute to Paradise" has gone ignored by IMDB and other web sources, here are some reflections provided by writer Gittler to "Vintage Guitar" magazine in 2000:  "I had had enough of my career, and quit to ride my track bike through Central Park and write the script of my movie, 'Parachute to Paradise.'  After the heartiness of 15 weeks of pre-production, casting the principal players and 200 extras, seven weeks of principal photography, writing the music, and seven months of editing and (doing) enormous publicity, a fallout with my producer relegated the production to a couple of cans in the laboratory vault"

1968:  "NET Playhouse," NET (later PBS) anthology TV series, as Roy in "Home" episode, 1/17/1968.  Episode also starred Dennis Patrick (of "Dark Shadows.")  "Home" was written by noted playwright Megan Terry


1968:  "Dark Shadows," ABC TV series, regular, as Peter Bradford (1968-69, 1970,) Jeff Clark (1968-69,) Ghost of Peter Bradford (1968-69,) Ned Stuart (1969,) Dirk Wilkins (1969,) and Charles Delaware Tate (1969-70;) appeared in 129 episodes, 1/11/1968 to 3/11/1970.  Many of Roger's overlapping roles were due to scripts that took the actors back and forth in time, portraying different characters in the various centuries they visited


1967:  "The Big Valley," ABC TV series, guest star, as Walt Tompkins in "The Haunted Gun" episode, 2/6/1967; series starred Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors (pictured, center, on left,) and Richard Long (pictured, center, on right)


1967:  "MacBird!", live theatre, lead role, as Robert Ken O'Dunc, performed in Boston and New York, 1967-1/21/1968; also starred Stacy Keach.  Right image was posted in Variety magazine by Roger's agency, congratulating him on 'rave reviews' received for his "MacBird!" performances


1966: "Bonanza," NBC TV series, guest star, as Harold Stanley in "Ballad of the Ponderosa" episode, 11/13/1966; series starred Lorne Greene (pictured, left, in center,) Dan Blocker and Michael Landon

1966:  "From Here to Eternity," ABC TV movie/pilot (not picked up as a series, but a remake in 1980 was,) lead role, as Pvt. Robert "Prew" Prewitt (the role Montgomery Clift originated in the 1953 classic;) also starred Darren McGavin, Sally Kellerman and Tom Nardini.  Producer:  Matthew Rapf.  Like "Peyton Place" and "Dr Kildare," the show was to present two episodes a week.  This Screen Gems production was to begin airing in 11/1965, but filming did not even start until 11/1965.  In early 1966, ABC committed to airing the pilot, with the intention of placing the show on their 1966-67 schedule, but ABC ended up not buying it...AND not airing the pilot.  Like the original movie, it was shot on location in Hawaii

1965:  "Dr. Kildare," NBC TV series, guest star, as Karl in "A Marriage of Convenience" episode, 2/11/1965 (Roger not pictured)


1964:  "Ride the Wild Surf," theatrical movie, lead role, as surfer Charlie, released 8/5/1964; also starred Fabian, Tab Hunter and Shelley Fabares


1964:  "The Twilight Zone," CBS TV series, guest star, as lovestruck David Mitchell in "Spur of the Moment" episode, 2/21/1964; also guest starred Philip Ober (pictured, right) and the late soap star (and later "Eight is Enough" mom) Diana Hyland (pictured, left; left photo shows Diana and Roger made up to be much older)


1963:  "Redigo" (formerly known as "Empire,") NBC TV series, regular, as ranch hand Mike, 9/24/1963 to 12/31/1963; series also starred Richard Egan and Elena Verdugo

1963:  "PT 109," theatrical movie, as radioman John "Mac" Maguire, released 6/19/1963; starred Cliff Robertson and Robert Culp; movie based on John F. Kennedy's book; Roger pictured at left


1962:  "The Gallant Men," ABC TV series, regular, as Pvt. Roger Gibson, 10/5/1962 to 9/14/1963; series also starred Richard X. Slattery and William Reynolds

And in a life-imitates-art-imitates-life moment, the 2004 NBC made-for-TV movie, "The Unauthorized Story of 'Charlie's Angels,'" featured an uncredited cast member playing the role of "Roger," who was separated at the time from "Angel" Jaclyn Smith.

See Roger's filmography on IMDB

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