The late columnist and former radio personality Jim Rose created "Jim Rose Remembers Radio" in 2004 to provide relevant news and items of interest, mostly geared to current and former employees of radio and television.  Remembrances, reflections and commentary were also presented by the publishing of readers' emails in each issue.  Many media notables were avid readers of the newsletter, and provided great insight into the industry by candidly sharing their experiences with Jim's audience through the years...including Bob Grant, Jimmy Rabbit, Ron Selden, Dr. Bruce Nelson, Gary Delaune, Ben Laurie, Sam Pate, Barry Kaye, Bud Buschardt, C. C. McCartney, Chet Maxwell, Chuck Joseph, Marty Ambrose, J. C. Webster, Ken Dowe, Don Logan, Ray Whitworth, Dave Tucker, Bobby Reyes, Tony Lawrence, Russ "Weird Beard" Knight, Jim Gough, Steve Eberhart, Ira Lipson, Mike Cannon, Chuck Dunaway, Dusty Black, KTRK's Bob Allen, and countless others...many of whom are no longer with us.

Jim brought more than 30 years of radio industry experience to his writings.  He worked in various roles as disc jockey, music director and/or program director for legendary radio stations like WFAA, KFJZ, KXOL, KLIF, KJIM and KBOX in Dallas-Fort Worth; KILT, KNUZ, KULF, KENR and KIKK in Houston; KVET and KHFI in Austin; and KBUC and KITE in San Antonio.  Jim also lent his expertise to stations in Waco, Terrell, Temple and Beaumont, TX.  His radio career began in 1965 at KASO in Minden, LA.

Jim Rose died unexpectedly on December 12, 2017, after falling down a flight of stairs at his Houston apartment.  He was showing improvement after being in the hospital for several days, but apparently a stroke or heart attack took his life there unexpectedly.  Jim was 74 years old.  He made no provision for the newsletter to continue after his death, and attempts to locate his emailing list have been futile.

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