Of course, all appearances are "scheduled" and are subject to change without notice.
Check an event's website (links provided if available) to find out specifics...
for example, a three-day event does not imply that Roger will be there for all three days.
Charges for admission and autographs may be required, depending upon the terms of the event holder.

None scheduled at this time.



Roger was recently interviewed at length about his friendship with Peter Duel, and how everything transpired on "Alias Smith and Jones" after Pete's untimely death.  Click HERE

The long-awaited motion picture from Lonetree, "The War Magician," originally to star Tom Cruise, was back on the books for a 2015 release after more than a decade of waiting.  However, no activity has been noted, or on other proposed Lonetree productions, "The Samson Effect" and "Just Desserts"

"The Equalizer" finally made it to the big screen in 2014.  Lonetree Entertainment (of which Roger is a partner) brought in Denzel Washington's production company to take over the project; Washington appears in the lead role

The books, "The Black Stiletto" and "The Kitchen House," were optioned for movies by Lonetree Entertainment in 2012

Roger participated in two dramatic readings of new scripts written under the "Dark Shadows" name that were released in 2011

Lonetree's "The Naked Truth," starring Leslie Nielsen, was completed and released just months before Nielsen's death in 2010

In 2010, Roger completed construction of all the cutting-edge, multi-million dollar homes within his Hollywood Hills development

No updates on a brand new Roger Davis movie, "Twilight Cowboys," that was to begin filming in 2008

The Robb Report included a feature on Roger and his real estate projects in its Winter, 2007-08 issue

And be sure to check out YouTube for various features and interviews of Roger!  Search for "Dark Shadows Reunion" or by his name or series name

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