Thanks to the many fans, family members, websites and friends who have helped out with valuable information for this project, especially Roger Davis for providing recollections, information and photos from his personal collection; webmaster Carolyn, who maintains an outstanding website devoted to "Alias Smith and Jones" (including a wonderful database of historic Roger articles posted here;) dedicated fans Kathy Stevens and Michelle Gussow; "Alias Smith and Jones" enthusiasts Jan Simpson and Renelle S.; "Alias Smith and Jones" biographers Sandy Sagala and JoAnne Bagwell; and the numerous "Dark Shadows" websites that provided specific information on Roger's roles and timelines.

I began work on this project in 1998 after finding very little information on the web about Roger, and nothing out there that put all of his biographical details in one place.  Roger and I are cousins, but we had never met until 2000 at a "Dark Shadows" convention.  It was always common knowledge in my family that we were related to the Davises, but the specific details were, for whatever reason, kept private by a distant aunt.  When she died in 1975, she took the connections and contact information with her.  Thanks to the web, I found out about the annual "Dark Shadows" festivals, and flew to California in 2000 specifically to meet Roger for the first time.  I'm proud to say that he is as much a pleasant gentleman in person as he portrayed in his many TV roles, and we've kept in contact since.

I have set up an email address for Roger to read comments from fans and friends:  Please understand that Roger is very busy these days, and a personal response cannot be guaranteed.  However, he does enjoy hearing from fans, and your emails will be read!

This site received a long-overdue "refreshing" in May, 2012, to coincide with the new "Dark Shadows" movie.  Hopefully, this revised design and inclusion of more seldom-seen photos and hard-to-find information will be helpful to anyone researching Roger's life or the many TV programs and movies he's been a part of.  I am always open to suggestions, comments, clarifications and corrections, so please email me if you have any!  And thank you for your support.

Mike Shannon, Webmaster

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